ABOUT: California Creditors Bar Association


The CCBA is dedicated to promoting the health of the creditors' rights industry in California by:

  1. lobbying for reasonable and practical changes to California law;
  2. serving as a marketplace of information relevant to creditors' rights enforcement; and
  3. promoting consistent compliance standards.


Members will:

  1. receive regular updates on proposed laws impacting the creditors' rights industry;
  2. have the opportunity to direct the course of the CCBA's lobbying efforts;
  3. be able to interact with other members through topic specific forums and to exchange pleadings, discovery, etc.;
  4. attend California specific MCLE workshops that address creditors' rights issues you want to hear; and
  5. benefit from cooperative guidance on compliance standards.


What sets the CCBA apart is its dedication to helping financial services related organizations safely navigate consumer protection challenges to enforcement of creditors' rights.  If your organization collects private consumer data or recovers consumer debt in California, the CCBA can help you avert costly mistakes. 


The CCBA upholds as its core values honesty, integrity, and respect.  As a member of the CCBA, customers, clients, regulators, and consumers will know that you follow best businesses practices to protect the interests of all those affected by the enforcement of creditors' rights.

Membership is an annual fee assessed per organization, meaning you can have an unlimited number of employees reap the rewards of being part of the CCBA. Please register today and tour our member-only site for a free trial period.

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We look forward to welcoming you into our community of creditors' rights professionals!

~ Hunter Hoestenbach, VP



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Hunter Hoestenbach is General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for ABC Legal Services, Inc., a nationwide process server and litigation support company. Mr. Hoestenbach has an extensive background litigating consumer protection matters, including defense of CFPB enforcement actions. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Hoestenbach worked 14+ years as a jury consultant and focus group analyst. He is Vice President of the California Creditors Bar Association and administrator of this website.

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